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Be Empowered with
Ron Cox, Intuitive Medium

The power of source within you is greater than anything before you.

Intuitive Psychic Medium


My journey with spirit  began when I was just 10 years old, my visions would come to me as dreams, not understanding these visions and watching them come true was very frightening. These visions continued throughout my life. Only after a massive heart attack and surviving a Near Death Experience (NDE) at the age of 50 did I finally realize what all these visions were guiding me too. 
After going through years of mediumship training and attending the prestigious Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College in the UK, my life has been dedicated to serving spirit and those in need.

Psychic and Mediumship Services


As I blend with your loved ones in the spirit world, I will give you evidence that your loved ones are very much alive and with you whenever you need them. You will begin to understand that they are only just a thought away. Allow my ability to show you the love of the universe and let the gift of healing begin.

In-person Readings

Psychic Readings
Mediumship Readings
Oracle Readings
Tea Leaf Readings

Relationship Coaching Session

Psychic Readings
Medium Readings

Life Coaching Session

Topics include:
Near Death Experiences
History of Spirituality
Psychic/Mediumship Demonstrations
Group Events

NDE TV Host Pegi Robinson presents Ron Cox

NDE TV Host Pegi Robinson presents Ron Cox. Ron, a nightclub manager /gay man had a Near-Death Experience 5 years ago from a widow maker heart attack. Ron's mother who is deceased told him he had to return because he has work to do. Ron always has psychic gifts but after his Near-Death Experience, Ron became a Medium. Ron now teaches Mediumship Development.

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Podcast guest 467 is Ron Cox. Ron had a near-death experience due to a heart attack. During his Near Death Experience, he encountered his mother.


Intuitive Medium & Near Death Experiencer, Ron Cox

John Glasspoole explores the journey of a Near Death Experience. Intuitive Medium Ron Cox died of a widow maker cardiac arrest which heightened his intuition to an even greater extent. He tells us about his experience with immense passion. He also includes the flip-out worthy story of his own personal, and validated, experience of discovering one of his past lives. I hope you enjoy the many interesting levels of Ron's experiences in this video. Don't forget to like and subscribe if you're digging it! And a reminder to click on the notifications bell so that you'll be notified as soon as I drop the next video! Much love and many blessings!

"Great Service at Good Price. Bought a Few Stuff and Have never been disappointed"

Alexa Young

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