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Ron is an excellent Medium. He has served in apprenticeship under me for a number of years and has worked with a number of my students and gives wonderful and accurate messages. I would recommend Ron to anybody looking for an authentic Medium. Ron's expertise is beyond approach.

DR. Vito LaNave 
MSc.D, PhD, DD
Miami, FL, USA

Praises to how Ron conducts himself as a Spiritual Medium. An amazing ambassador for the spirit world who delightfully and gracefully links our physical world with the spiritual world, leaving you without a doubt that we are infinite spirits having human experiences and our loved ones are always there, loving, guiding and supporting us.

Luisa Russo
Client, Broadbeach
Queensland, Australia

Ron is a great psychic medium! He works in such a kind, loving and empathetic manner that you can't help but feel supported and cared about. The spirits and energy he works with are powerful and healing. I would highly recommend a reading with Ron. He is the perfect person to have at your side or on your team for any challenge you may be facing. I, especially, loved his deep connection with  animals and nature in general. Ron has a deep, caring and skillful soul. It was a pleasure meeting him and getting a reading. It enabled me to move forward with greater confidence and faith.

Catherine Allen
Astrologer, Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Medium, MA in Educational Psychology
Northern California, USA

During my time at Arthur Findlay college, I had the pleasure of meeting Ron. We were paired up to give each other readings, Ron communicated with my son, John, which not many people are able to do. When I told Ron this, he was incredibly humbled. I know Ron ius a really good channel for Spirit. Spirit has chosen [Ron] for a reason.

Sandra Dorian
Arthur Findlay College 
Liverpool, United Kingdom

Ron’s reading was breathtaking: with no prior  knowledge of me, or my situation, and not even being in the same country as me, he managed to accurately describe a location I was looking for in terms of a deceased loved one. I wholeheartedly recommend Ron as a highly gifted, accurate psychic.


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